List of Topics

Past Topics

VOLUME 25, 2020

25.6 Caffeine
Barbara Schmidt

25.5 Perinatal Perfusion
Samir Gupta, Maged Costantine, Steven Donn

25.4 FIRS (Fetal Inflammatory Response Syndrome)
Thomas E Wiswell, Steven M. Donn

25.3 Long term outcomes following very preterm birth
Neil Marlow, Samantha J Johnson

25.2 Oxygen in the Neonatal Period
Maximo Vento Torres, Christian Poets

25.1 Bone metabolic disorders in premature and full term neonates
Charalampos Dokos

VOLUME 24, 2019

24.6 Delivery Room Emergencies
Eduardo Bancalari

24.5 Chronic Ventilator Dependence in Infants
Joseph Piccione, Alexiou Stamatia

24.4 Pain Management in the Neonate
Elaine Boyle

24.3 Antenatal and Postnatal Corticosteroids to Improve Outcomes in Newborn Infants
B Manley, C McKinlay

24.2 Perinatal Substance Use
Ju Lee Oei

24.1 The Continuum of Late Preterm and Early Term Births
B Darlow, J Cheong

VOLUME 23, 2018

23.6 Necrotizing Enterocolitis
J Neu

23.5 The Science to Improve Neonatal Delivery Room Resuscitation
M Wyckoff, J Wyllie

23.4 Patent Ductus Arteriosus
S Gupta, P McNamara

23.3 Neonatal Seizure
H Glass, R Shellhaas

23.2 Prenatal Screening
L Hui, N Vora

23.1 Perinatal Bioethics
W Meadow, N Laventhal

VOLUME 22, 2017

22.6 Fetal intervention
A Flake

22.5 Use and misuse of drugs in perinatology and neonatology
H Aly

22.4 Term respiratory distress
S Donn, S Sinha

22.3 Stillbirth and Neonatal Death
Z Alfirevic, A Heazell

22.2 Perinatal Nephrology
P Brophy

22.1 Advances in Nutrition
D Adamkin, P Radmacher

VOLUME 21, 2016

21.6 The Human Gut Microbiome and Perinatology
J Neu

21.5 The Developing Cerebellum
C Limperopoulos

21.4 The Neonatal-Fetal Airway
J Lioy & L Javia

21.3 Non-Invasive Respiratory Support
H Kirpalani & E Jensen

21.2 Prediction and prevention of preterm birth and its sequelae
K Boggess & C Gyamfi-Bannerman

21.1 Perinatal Haematology
S Pipe

VOLUME 20, 2015

20.1 Bilirubin-induced neurologic dysfunction
V K Bhutani & R Wong

20.2 Cooling After Perinatal Asphyxia
M Thoresen

20.3 Fetal & Neonatal Monitoring
S Donn & Win Tin

20.4 Fetal & Neonatal Hemodynamics
Istvan Seri & Shahab Noori

20.5 Global issues in perinatal medicine
D Vidyasagar

20.6 Clinical Research
S Pipe

VOLUME 19, 2014

19.1 Clinical advances and controversies in fetal & neonatal medicine
S Donn, S Sinha

19.2 Long-term outcome for the tiniest or most immature babies
L Doyle

19.3 New developments in teratology
R Brent

19.4 Artificial reproduction and its impact on fetal & neonatal outcomes
J Kurinczuk, S Bhattacharya

19.5 The Interface Between Perinatology, Ethics And The Law
J Fanaroff, M Chiswick, S Donn

19.6 Update on congenital diaphragmatic hernia
G Mychaliska

VOLUME 18, 2013

18.1 Perinatal pharmacology
J van den Anker

18.2 Palliative care and end-of-life decisions
S English

18.3 Perinatal nutrition
C Morgan

18.4 Neonatal seizures
G Boylan, R Pressler

18.5 Fetal and neonatal cardiology
R Chaoui, H Gardiner

18.6 Resuscitation in the perinatal period
J Perlman, P Davis

VOLUME 17, 2012

17.1. Chorioamnionitis
R Polin and T Randis

17.2. Long-term respiratory outcomes of perinatal lung disease
S Kotecha

17.3. The late and moderate preterm baby
E Boyle

17.4. Cancer in the perinatal period
H J Vormoor and M Chintagumpala

17.5. Fetal neurology I
R Pooh

17.6. Fetal neurology II
R Pooh

VOLUME 16, 2011

16.1. Fetal and Neonatal Haemodynamics
N Evans and J Hyett

16.2. Clinical Perinatal Genetics
B Anderlid and T Bui

16.3. Recent Advances in Neonatal Surgery
G Mychaliska and R Hirschl

16.4. Mitochondrial Disorders in the Perinatal Period
V Fellman and A Suomalainen

16.5. Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine: Debunking the Myths
S Donn and S Sinha

16.6. Thrombotic and Bleeding Disorders in Perinatal Medicine
U Nowak-Gottl and G Kenet

VOLUME 15, 2010

15.1. Advances in Fetal Surgery
S Adzick

15.2. Obesity in Pregnancy
I Greer

15.3. Continuing Controversies in Perinatal Jaundice
J Watchko

15.4. Oxygen as a Therapeutic Agent
M Vento and O Saugstad

15.5. Hypothermia: An Emerging Therapy
A Gunn and L Bennet

15.6. Multiple Pregnancy
M Kilby

VOLUME 14, 2009

14.1. Recent Advances in Respiratory Management of the Newborn
H Hummler and A Schulze

14.2. Diabetes and Pregnancy
M Hod and U Simeoni

14.3. Uses and Abuses of Corticosteroids
F van Bel and C Heijnen

14.4. Fetal and Neonatal Infection
L Navér, M Forsgren and K Pettersson

14.5. Perinatal Stroke
L Cornette and P Govaert

14.6. Recent Advances in Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
S Donn and S Sinha

VOLUME 13, 2008

13.1. Controversies and Conundrums in Perinatal Care
S Sinha and S Donn

13.2. Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis: Implications for Antenatal Diagnosis and the management of High-Risk Pregnancies
L Chitty and S Hahn

13.3. Perinatal Renal Disease
L Chitty and A Woolf

13.4. Perinatal Haematology
D Oepkes and E Lopriore

13.5. Managing Death and End of Life Decisions in Perinatal Medicine
D Field

13.6. Delivery Room Resuscitation
J Perlman and B Stenson